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Man and woman on horses in the foothills of Alberta
Heartland on CBC | Facebook

Where Heartland’s Magic Really Happens

These iconic Alberta locations give Heartland its epic charm

Ever wonder where CBC’s iconic family drama Heartland’s magic happens? Well, wonder no more!

Here’s the low down on the real-life locations that bring Heartland’s enchanting world to your TV screens:

Millarville: The Heart of It All 

Most of Heartland’s outdoor scenes are filmed near the charming town of Millarville, including the picturesque Dude Ranch scenes. The show’s ranch, steeped in history since Roy Foster and his family settled here in 1928, adds an authentic touch to the series.

The iconic barn featured in the show is the creation of Roy’s brother, Les. It’s the real thing!

Wanna take a tour? Then, check out this video.

Maggie’s Diner and Evelyn’s Memory Lane: Real Heartland Experiences 

Maggie’s Diner, Tack and Feed, isn’t just a facade; it’s a fully realized set!

Fans can peek inside and soak in the Heartland vibes even when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Maggie’s Diner, Tack and Feed. Heartland on CBC | Facebook

And for an authentic diner experience, High River’s Evelyn’s Memory Lane on 4th Avenue is the spot. It serves up delicious grub while immersing you in the Heartland spirit. It’s a must-visit for fans and foodies alike.

Are you still looking for more Heartland?

Maggie’s and Evelyn’s Diners are not the only High River place with a Heartland vibe.

Download the Town of High River’s “Famous People, Famous Places” map and take a self-guided tour around town to various other Heartland scene locations and filming spots from other television and film productions, such as Fargo and Superman.

Calgary: Where the Magic Happens Inside 

While outdoor scenes set the stage, the magic inside happens in Calgary. Many locals don’t know their bustling city is home to the studio where Heartland’s world comes to life.

With stunning landscapes and cozy towns, Alberta sets the stage for Heartland’s heartwarming stories.

It’s a place where fiction and reality intertwine, creating a truly magical experience for fans and visitors alike.

Heartland’s world isn’t just on-screen; it’s an integral part of Alberta’s charm.

And the charm must be contagious. Otherwise, the show would not still be around after 17 seasons!

If you want to be part of Heartland history, the Heartland gang has teamed up with the Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF) to bring you the world premiere of Season 17’s very first episode, the epic 250th episode! It’s all going down at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium on September 28.

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