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What Is The Meaning Of Home?

A house is nothing more than a roof over our heads for many, but to an award-winning Airdrie girl, a house is so much more

An 11-year-old Airdrie girl named Brooklyn Robert’s poem ‘A Key to a Home’ was chosen as a finalist for the national Meaning of Home contest. This scored her some prizes, including a $10,000 donation to Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta.

The Meaning of Home contest is held every year in Canada. Students from all over the country submit poems to support Habitat for Humanity.

For each submission, $10 is donated, and the finalists and winners receive bigger prizes like larger donations to local Habitat for Humanity chapters.

Roberts is a student at Heloise Lorimer School in Airdrie. When she heard about the competition, she was immediately interested in participating.

“I thought it was a cool competition…I really like writing poems, and I thought it would be cool if I could help the community by doing that,”  Roberts told the Crag and Canyon.

After her teacher explained the contest, Roberts quickly put pen to paper. Finding words that rhyme was a bit challenging, but she knew what she wanted to say from the beginning.

“The rhyming was a little hard, so it took me a little bit. I love my family a lot—they’re awesome,” explained Roberts. 

But after a week, Roberts finished her masterpiece and was ready to share it with the world.

A Key To Home

A house doesn’t feel like a home until the love is right. 

A home is not just a place to go home at night. 

It is a place where no matter what I feel warm 

It is a place where there is no harm 

Always there is love. 

My family fits in our home like a glove 

Every day we make memories to treasure. 

Living in my home is such a pleasure   

Always being there is so much fun 

Even if you’re not in the sun 

Even though I am only 10 years old 

My family makes me feel courageous and bold  

Always with a full heart 

Never want to be apart 

To on a house you might need a key

But the key to a home is family

A Natural Poet

Besides the donation to Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta, Roberts won a new tablet and a pizza party for her class. She has always been interested in writing and is excited to see where it takes her in the future.

“I really like writing. Maybe becoming an English teacher would be awesome…I’d really like to pursue writing stories and all that,” she said.

Brooklyn’s mother, Holly Roberts, is proud of her achievement. They emphasized the importance of giving back to the community through the donation to Habitat for Humanity.

“We’re very proud of her—it’s a big moment for her to learn about the community,” said Holly Roberts.

Roberts is the fourth student from Airdrie to be selected as a finalist in the contest. The submissions from Airdrie students have raised around $40,000 for the charity.

Michelle Graves, Engagement and Event Coordinator at Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta, said it has made a big difference.

“All those funds go specifically towards construction materials and housing…It helps ensure there’s affordable housing across Alberta. It’s wonderful to see that we have little kids out there wanting to help their community,”  said Graves. 

Graves also mentioned that Roberts’ poem was touching and well-written. She expressed how special it is for someone so young to write such a meaningful poem.

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