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Taste the World at YYC EXP: A Foodie’s Paradise in Calgary

If you are a foodie with a big appetite, the YYC Food and Drink Experience in Calgary is the event for you!

Are you a major foodie who lives to eat? 

Then, prepare your taste buds for the 2024 YYC Food and Drink Experience (YYC EXP) in Calgary from March 15 to 31. 

The YYC EXP involves “17 days of delectable dining.” 

Attendees can indulge in delicious multi-course prix fixe (fixed price) set menus at participating restaurants. 

The YYC EXP offers a Scrumptious Three-Course Brunch/Lunch set menu for brunch and lunch enthusiasts for $25 or $35. 

If you save room for dinner, the event’s Delectable Three-Course Dinner for $35 or $45 will hit the spot.

The final set menu includes the five-course Gourmet Tasting Menu for $65 or $75. This latter menu is packed with extravagant foods to make your tastebuds sing. 

Calcutta Cricket Club’s Gourmet Tasting Menu includes Oysters, Cod Moilee, Mishti Doi, Fried Fritter of Prawn, Raw Hamachi, and much more.

The lamb shank kosha mangsho dish served at the Calcutta Cricket Club  Avenue Magazine Calgary
The lamb shank kosha mangsho dish served at the Calcutta Cricket Club | Avenue Magazine Calgary

Personalized Dining 

If you want a more personal experience, the YYC EXP also offers Signature Culinary Events

These events let you participate in chef-led culinary experiences, including collaborations with award-winning and visiting chefs, drink pairings, and more. 

The YYC EXP’s first event starts on March 16 at Fonda Fora, an Indian-Mexican pop-up. 

Chef Amit Bangar of Calcutta Cricket Club and Fonda Fora’s Chef Jesa Leyva will explore Indian and Mexican culinary history with a collaborative five-course dining experience.

Cumbia and Golden Age Indian Rock music will complement dinner. 

Cumbia features traditional sounds of Latin America, while Golden Age Indian Rock is a fusion of Indian and Western music. 

Fonda Fora is part of a long list of restaurants hosting Signature Culinary Events

If you want to participate in one of these events, you better act soon because tickets are selling out fast!

The interior of Fonda Fora | Fonda Fora
The interior of Fonda Fora | Fonda Fora

Delectable Sampling 

Close to 90 restaurants in Calgary are gearing up for the YYC EXP

In addition to eating great food, the event is the perfect opportunity to check out new restaurants in the city.

“The festival is a great way to try new restaurants and find some new favourites,” said Irena Knorr, Culinary Program Director at Culinary Marketing Strategies.  

This year, the YYC EXP will run a week longer than usual, giving attendees all the time they need to explore Calgary’s diverse culinary scene. 

If you are visiting from out of town or want to up your dining experience, the event also offers “Dine and Stay Packages.”

Guests will receive a $100 Downtown Calgary Gift Card to use during the YYC EXP by booking with participating hotels.

“We expect over 60,000 diners this year to experience the best Calgary has to offer as one of the most exciting culinary cities in the country,” said Knorr. 

Calgary food is as diverse as its people. Cultures from around the world bring rich culinary history to the city. 

There is no better place to consume that history than the YCC EXP. So what are you waiting for? Try something new! Your tastebuds will thank you.

YYC EXP kickoff at Barbarella Bar in Calgary last year  Aryn Toombs  Livewire Calgary
YYC EXP kickoff at Barbarella Bar in Calgary last year Aryn Toombs | Livewire Calgary

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