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Cowboys Music Festival

From Kip Moore to Macklemore, Here’s Who’s Playing Cowboys During Stampede

Cowboys Music Festival 2024 Lineup: All the headliners, dates, and expectations

The Cowboys Music Festival is back this July to celebrate another 10 days of Stampede. 

After a solid year in 2023, this year’s line-up sparks some opinions! 

There’s some definite crowd pleasers on the list, with a pretty diverse mix of artists, plus some extra events like a COWBOYS BBQ COOK-OFF, the “DRAG ME TO COWBOYS” Drag Queen show and brunch, and a Charity Poker Tournament to round things out. 

Here’s a look at the country, rap, and pop artists hitting the stage so you can decide which days are worth the spend.

July 4th: Kip Moore, Brett Kissel, Cooper Alan

Opening night starts off with a country twang.

Kip Moore, the gravelly-voiced heartthrob known for his earnest tunes like Beer Money, Brett Kissel, Canada’s safe-bet country star with radio-friendly hits like Drink About Me, and Cooper Alan, the fresh face from Nashville trying to carve out a niche in Alberta, will all be on stage.

It’s not the most mind-blowing kickoff, but it’s a safe bet for some country crooners, and the night’s $50 price tag sounds about right.

Cowboys July 4 2024

July 5th: Tate McRae

Tate McRae, the Calgary sweetheart making waves with her moody pop tracks, such as You Broke Me First, is back home on the 5th! 

All her performances have some insane choreography to match the vocals, and her live show might just convert skeptics who think she’s just another TikTok sensation.

This one has many people excited! 

Tate McRae July 5 2024

July 6th: Riley Green, Tucker Wetmore

Riley Green, the Southern charmer who delivers country storytelling with hits like There Was This Girl, and Tucker Wetmore, the newbie banking on soulful vocals and personal lyrics, hit the stage on July 6. 

You can check out Wetmore’s chart DEBUT single, Wine Into Whiskey, along with his last release Wind Up Missin’ You, to get a feel for what this duo will bring to the table.

Riley Green July 6

July 7th: PARTYNEXTDOOR, Sexyy Red, Busta Rhymes

July 7 brings on the rap moves with PARTYNEXTDOOR,cknown for his smooth R&B vibes in tracks like Recognize and Sexyy Red; the local wildcard brings energy and pride to the stage. 

Busta Rhymes, the veteran hip-hop artist whose live performance will hopefully solidify his legend status – but might also reveal he’s past his due date will close the night

Cowboys Music Festival July 7 2024

July 8th: Macklemore, Flo Rida

Macklemore, the original king of thrift-shopping anthems, has returned to the roots of rap – bringing back lyrics that actually say something. 

He’s been back in a big way this year with his hit Hinds Hall; we can’t wait to hear it live. 

Flo Rida, whose iconic chart-topping tracks like Low and My House are guaranteed to keep the crowd moving. 

At the very least, it is a night of lovable throwbacks. 

We’d show up for this one.

Macklemore poster July 8 2024 Calgary Stampede

July 9th: Metro Boomin, Swae Lee, Lil Jon

Metro Boomin, the producer behind trap beats in hits Congratulations, Swae Lee, the melodious voice from Sunflower fame, and Lil Jon, the hype-man extraordinaire, will bust out on the stage.

Will this eclectic mix of styles blend seamlessly or cause audio whiplash?

Cowboys Music Festival July 9, 2024

July 10th: Bailey Zimmerman, Nate Smith, Dasha

Bailey Zimmerman, the breakout country star of 2022, showcases soulful vocals and introspective lyrics in tracks like Tell Me You’re Not Sorry

Nate Smith, whose catchy melodies and raw emotion stand out, and Dasha, the genre-blending American artist, are all pretty new artists looking to prove they’re the future of music, or will they be just another opening act?

Cowboys Music Festival July 10, 2024 at Calgary Stampede

July 11th: Steve Aoki, Tyler Hubbard

Steve Aoki, the EDM maestro known for his pulsating beats and energetic live shows that often involve crowd-surfing and cake-throwing antics, promises a high-octane experience. 

Add to the stage the country rock fusion of Tyler Hubbard from the chart-topping duo Florida Georgia Line, and it’s definitely an interesting mix–we’ll see if it works.

Cowboys Music Festival July 11, 2024, Calgary Stampede

July 14th: Final Sunday – Ty Dolla $ign, Schoolboy Q

Ty Dolla $ign, known for his smooth R&B vibes in hits like Or Nah, brings a soulful groove perfect for a festival sunset.

Schoolboy Q, with his gritty realism in tracks like Man of the Year, promises a powerful performance that will leave a lasting impression—this dynamic duo is set to close the festival on a high note.

Cowboys Music Festival - July 14 Calgary Stampede

Just days out from the first performance, the Festival has yet to announce performers for Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th!

At this point, whether they’re dragging on the suspense or scrambling to book someone is debatable.
Love the list, or are you skeptical? 

The Cowboys Music Festival in Calgary promises a lineup to ignite discussions, so grab your tickets and join the conversation!

Crowd at Cowboys Music Festival in Calgary
Rockin’ at Cowboys | Cowboys Music Festival

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