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Two drift cars racing on the snow covered Ghost Lake racetrack
Cochrane Today

Cochrane Has a Racetrack…on Ice?

The Ghost Lake racetrack has caught the attention of car enthusiasts across the country.

Many things belong on the ice: figure skaters, hockey players, and, apparently, cars. Ghost Lake, located just west of Cochrane, has become a hotspot for racing enthusiasts.

Ghost Lake is a public area, but Benjamin Laflamme and his racing teammates from Faster Higher have turned the area into a winter ice track.

Believe it or not, the popular racetrack started as an idea scribbled on paper before it came to life in December 2021. But it didn’t start getting popular until photos of the track went viral on Instagram and Reddit in January 2022.

It wasn’t long before hundreds of people started showing up to check the track out for themselves. A lot has changed since then.

This is the third year in a row that Laflamme and his team gave Ghost Lake a makeover. What started as a small circular track has now evolved into six separate tracks totalling almost 10 kilometres long.

an aerial photo of the Ghost Lake racetrack with multiple cars enjoying its many twists and turns
Cars out for a rip on the Ghost Lake racetrack in Cochrane, AB | Cochrane Today

“We have tripled the size of the track now with something around 24 turns that just an amazing place to be on the weekend, that’s for sure,” Benjamin Laflamme told Cochrane Now.

Although Faster Higher doesn’t count heads, the team estimates that as many as 3,000 people come out to the racetrack on some days.

The best part about the Ghost Lake racetrack is that it’s open to everyone. Whether you drive a Dodge Ram or a Toyota Corolla, everyone is welcome on the track.

“We had a guy that on with an Aventador SV; I think it’s a $500,000 car, and the guy was ripping it,” commented Laflamme.

But you don’t need to take your car out on the ice to enjoy the Ghost Lake racetrack. Instead of drifting, some people bring camping chairs and portable stoves just to watch.

If you plan on visiting the Ghost Lake racetrack, remember that the Faster Higher team is maintaining the course on its own.

In January 2022, Laflamme and his team got stuck dealing with littering, drinking and driving, and trying to enforce helmet laws. Just because you are on ice doesn’t mean the normal laws don’t apply!

If you’d like to see a racetrack on ice for yourself, a trip to Cochrane might be worth it!

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