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A picture of the stolen goods showing bike tires, electrical wires, a generator, and many other items
Alberta RCMP | Discover Airdrie

Brakes Pulled On Car Chase In Calgary

Two car thefts have been connected to property crimes in both Alberta and BC

The smell of burnt rubber and adrenaline filled the air in Calgary this week as the dust finally settled around a car chase. Our story begins on March 7, 2023, in Cranbrook, BC.

On this fateful day, the Cranbrook RCMP asked the public for help locating a 2017 GMC Sierra stolen the night before. The white truck sported shiny black rims and a tonneau cover.

The day before, Didsbury RCMP was notified of a car theft from the parking lot of the Alberta provincial court building. This time, the vehicle stolen was a black 2003 Ford F-150.

They chose the provincial court out of all the parking lots to steal from. Talk about ballsy.

The RCMP had picked up the criminal’s trail and tracked the Ford F-150 to a hardware store in Crossfield. But the truck was abandoned, and the thief was nowhere to be seen.

Well, it turns out they were picked up by their partner in crime in a white truck with black rims and a tonneau cover. Coincidence? I think not!

The suspect’s getaway driver was none other than the thief who stole a 2017 GMC Sierra in Cranbrook, BC.

The stolen white GMC Sierra truck in a garage with stolen goods like a generator in the pickup bed
The GMC Sierra stolen from Cranbrook, BC | Global News | Alberta RCMP

With the help of Airdrie RCMP, the Southern Alberta RCMP Crime Reduction Unit and police service dog unit, as well as the Calgary Police Service helicopter, the GMC Sierra was found.

With the law now hot on their heels, the suspects began speeding through the busy streets of Airdrie to escape. The suspects continued to drive dangerously until they reached the Calgary International Airport.

At this point, the suspects ditched the truck and fled on foot. However, Calgary Police Service K9 and patrol members were able to track down and arrest the driver.

It turns out the suspects were stealing more than just trucks. Between the Ford F-150 and GMC Sierra, there was around $35,000 worth of stolen goods.

Their loot included geographical imaging equipment, electrical wire, credit cards, and inventory scanners, to name just a few items. The total value of the recovered stolen property, including both trucks, was $130,000.

The getaway driver in our high-octane chase was 37-year-old Kyle Vaughan of Calgary. He has been charged with 23 criminal code offences, including possession of stolen property and dangerous driving. Go figure!

“These are not victimless crimes, and every effort should be made to ensure these habitual or prolific offenders are held accountable for their actions,” Didsbury RCMP Detachment Commander Staff Sgt. Browne said in a statement.

Alberta has one of the highest rates of car theft in Canada. Trucks are particularly vulnerable to theft due to their popularity. In fact, Ford F-150 and GMC Sierra trucks are two of the most stolen vehicles in Alberta.

If you own either of these vehicles, you may want to keep a watchful eye out!

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