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What the Affordability Action Plan Means for Albertans

The new program will help Albertans handle inflation, but is it enough?

It’s no secret that Albertans have been fighting tooth and nail with inflation.

The rising cost of living has made it difficult for Albertans to keep food on the table, let alone keep a roof over their heads.

So, what is the Alberta government doing to help?

Starting in mid-January, Albertans can apply for what the province is calling the Affordability Action Plan.

The Affordability Action Plan will provide Albertans with monthly support payments of $100 for six months. But only some Albertans will be eligible to apply for relief.

Seniors, families with children under 18, and Albertans on benefits programs like AISH and PDD can apply. If you don’t fall under this umbrella, the Affordability Action Plan has some other perks.

For example, starting on January 1st, Alberta lifted the fuel tax. The Affordability Action Plan also introduced electricity and natural gas rebates, electricity price protection, and tax relief.

The bottom line is all of these perks will save you money.

But just how much will you really save? How far can an extra $100 a month get you?

The truth is, the Affordability Action Plan isn’t going to make inflation go away. But it will make the pain a bit more manageable, at least for some Albertans.

The plan doesn’t help people without children struggling with inflation.

“One of the groups we’re concerned about is singles who are between the ages of 18 and 65, who might not already be getting benefits…They’re usually really overrepresented in deep poverty numbers,” Meaghon Reid, the executive director of Vibrant Communities Calgary, told Global News.

For Albertans living in poverty who may not be eligible for the Affordability Action Plan, $100 a month could make a difference.

While the Affordability Action Plan is a step in the right direction, it should include all Albertans, not just some.

These affordability payments won’t be around forever. When they end, inflation will still be there.

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