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a photo of well seasoned beef jerky laid out on a table

What Looks Like Leather But Tastes Like Heaven?

Longview Jerky Shop, making world-class beef jerky for locals and celebrities since 1978

While it is easy to make beef jerky, it’s hard to master. But Longview Jerky Shop has cracked the code. Located in Longview, this shop has served some of the best beef jerky since 1978.

Jerky is believed to originate from the Indigenous people in the Andes mountains in modern-day Peru. The Quechua, a South American tribe, called jerky Ch’arki.

In the Quechuan language, this translates to “burnt meat.” Ch’arki was produced by drying meat in the sun during the day and freezing it during cold nights. 

the outside of the longview jerky shop with the silhouette of a cowboy leaning against the shops sign
The entrance to the Longview Jerky Shop, featuring the store’s signature cowboy | Jeff Nelson | Tripadvisor

The Indigenous people traditionally made Ch’arki using meat from various camelids, including llamas, alpacas, vicuña, and guanaco.

There’s lots to love about jerky – and beef jerky in particular – because it’s low fat, high protein, and contains minerals like zinc and iron. Better yet, it’s easy to make, even for an amateur chef.

Slice the meat, marinade it, and dry it in the oven or dehydrator. If you want to honour traditional methods, you can even dry the beef in the sun. 

. Longview Jerky Shop now has three generations of beef jerky experience under its belt. To say the shop offers some of the best jerky in the world is no exaggeration. 

The shop was founded by Len Kirk, who passed ownership to his son, Tom. The family business doesn’t stop there. Tom’s son, Alex, works as the store’s general manager. 

Longview Jerky Shop has attracted locals and visitors, including Clint Eastwood, who made a special order while filming Unforgiven nearby.

the interior of the longview jerky shop showing a wide array of options and a sign hanging overhead
Interior of the Longview Jerky Shop | Travel Alberta

The shop’s jerky is made with 100 percent Alberta beef cooked perfectly in a smokehouse. When you enter the small shop, try not to be overwhelmed by the variety of flavours.

Thankfully, Longview Jerky Shop makes things easy by offering samples. Some flavours include classics like Teriyaki, Original, and Double Smoked.

But if you’re looking to spice things up, other options are available, like Szechuan, Mandarin Ginger, Sweet-N-Spicy, Spicy, Sweet with Heat, and more. 

In addition to beef jerky, Longview Jerky Shop sells Jerky Stix, filled with the store’s most tender jerky. These delectable treats come in Original, Spicy, Maple, and Dill Pickle flavours. 

If driving to Longview isn’t in your budget, you can find the shop’s beef jerky products at select retail locations in Alberta, including Esso, Petro Canada, Shell, Shoppers, and Sobeys. 

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