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The Small Town Kid From The Rockies” Spinning Wheels Across The Globe

Jasper's cycling phenomenon Cory Wallace takes the Rockies spirit global with The Nomad

The Rocky Mountains are full of stories of adventure and people overcoming challenges, but this one stands out.

Cory Wallace is an Albertan who embodies the mountain landscape spirit to a T, and has brought that spirit to the global stage.

Hailing from Jasper, the cycling prodigy has not only etched his mark on local trails but has pedalled his way to the pinnacle of the international long-haul biking scene.

The two-time Canadian Marathon winner and four-time 24-hour race World Champion has spent the last 16 years chasing all kinds of wild competitions worldwide, from Guatemala to Nepal, Australia to Italy, and everywhere in between.

From Hockey Dreams to Biking the Heights

Biking wasn’t always his main play; he grew into it.

“I was a hockey player – that was my dream. I biked in the summer just to get to the fishing holes, and Jasper is in the middle of one of the best biking areas I’ve ever seen,” he told Off-Road.

Once he realized the NHL wasn’t going to be his path, he took to mountain biking in a big way.

He signed with the Kona Factory Team at 25. His career hasn’t stopped rolling since.He’s summited Mount Kilimanjaro by bike, bikepacked across the Serengeti, toured Madagascar, broke records beneath Mount Everest and still manages to cycle a full race schedule.

Cory Wallace biking in Guatemala |

Documenting the Ride of Life

It’s been a crazy ride, and Matt Clark of Stirl and Rae Media Haus has just made a short film, The Nomad, about Wallace’s adventures last year in Guatemala.

The film gives viewers an intimate look at Wallace and insight into what motivates his urge to keep moving.

“I want to get deeper and deeper into the cultures that I visit. Every new day is surprising when you’re overseas. I never thought I’d do it this long, but the more I travel and the more I experience, the more I want to do it,” he said.

In The Nomad, viewers get an inside glimpse into what it’s like to travel through a foreign place alone and connect with others.

“When I come to countries like Guatemala, it’s just so interesting every day and every ride. When you’re out there, you just want to experience it all. You want to be in the moment right there. There’s just so much energy—you want to be part of it.” 

No matter where he goes, the people he meets, or the language they speak, he’s always found common ground through biking.

“I’ve always found the cycling community open all over the world. Even if you don’t speak the same language, the bike is that connection in that world.”

Cory meeting fellow members of the biking community |

Giving Back

Through connecting with locals, Wallace has helped raise funds for local missions he’s encountered on his routes, helping to give back to folks in areas that have given so much to him.

“I find the further off the beaten track you get, the nicer the people are,” he said.

“Each year I return, the relationships deepen, new acquaintances are made, and it gets tougher to leave.”

Jasper still holds a special place in Wallace’s heart, and he rolls through to see friends and family every so often.

But at the end of the day, his competitive streak keeps him moving.

“Combining adventure, race and travel, that’s where I’m happiest.”

He has no plans of stopping anytime soon. True to his mountain roots, he’ll continue to summit every peak he meets. 

Watch The Nomad for yourself, and get to know this not-so-local guy better below.

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