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Solve a Murder, Meet a Ghost: Just Another Night at Twin Cities Saloon

Fusing comedy, cuisine, and the Unseen, you might just find yourself part of a ghost story that's as real as the mystery you’re solving

Are you looking to add a little drama to the winter’s lull?

This entertainment experience will give you the ultimate main character moment… and maybe a little more than you bargained for!

The Twin Cities Saloon in Longview has just kicked off a murder mystery dinner that will engage your mind, humour and tastebuds and stimulate all your senses.

The location is perfect for a mystery. 

While the cast of characters that create the suspenseful and comedic show are actors, the Twin Cities Saloon is known for being home to some rather uninvited guests.

A Ghost of a Tale

Owner Chris Goss has said there are seven resident ghosts in the hotel, all well-known by staff. 

But the Saloon’s employees are far from the only ones familiar with Twin Cities’ spirits.

A long history for the hotel leaves behind a ghostly cast of characters | Twin Cities Hotel

Ghost Hunt Alberta has extensively documented otherworldly phenomena throughout the hotel. 

Visitors have experienced all sorts of mysterious sounds, from disembodied human sounds to footsteps to the voice of a former resident being repeatedly heard and recorded.

Shadow figures and even moving tables have been recorded in the bar area. 

One night, when the veil to the beyond must have been even thinner than usual, witnesses say a table even lifted off the floor and rotated!

Suffice it to say, there’s more going on in Twin Cities than just staged performances, and guests could find themselves in more of a “movie” than they imagined!

Whether or not you make contact with the “other side,” you’ll be just as excited as the ghosts to pull up a table.

Epic Local Fare on Offer

Authentic Alberta flavours are featured in a three-course meal that holds the whole “murder mystery dinner” together.

Twin Cities Hotel Saloon | Twin Cities Hotel
Moonshine anyone? | Twin Cities Hotel

The Saloon smokes its own meat and sources most of its ingredients from local farms.

Beef and bison raised on nearby ranches are the stars of the many homestyle flavours on the menu. To wash everything down, you can indulge in signature cocktails crafted with Twin Cities’ own moonshine, made from locally grown sugar beets in Taber, Alberta.

The whole experience is an exhilarating and uniquely Albertan night out; even the performers are “locally grown.” 

The Erratic Players, a new Foothills theatre collective of performers and crew, have put the show together.

As the performers enlist your help in “solving a murder,” you’ll also learn the history of Longview, Twin Cities, and some of the confirmed Ghosts residing in the hotel.

If you’re feeling courageous, you can celebrate the performance and meal with an overnight stay in one of the hotel’s charming vintage rooms.

They say adrenaline and dopamine are the greatest bonding hormones, so if you’ve been looking for the ultimate Alberta date night, this might be it.

Tickets are just under $75, which includes the delicious food, interactive performance that will take place while you’re dining, and any other supernatural experiences you happen to have during your time in the iconic venue.

Tickets can be purchased on Showpass; they have dates available on Saturdays, Sundays, Thursdays, and Fridays until mid-February. 

They’re selling out quickly, so if you’d like a spot – you better make it like you’ve seen a ghost.

Twin Cities Hotel Saloon | Twin Cities Hotel
Twin Cities Hotel Saloon | Twin Cities Hotel

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