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a red sign that reads welcome to high river with direction to downtown
High River

One Of The Best Places To Live In Canada Is Closer Than You Think

High River hits the top ten list with its enviable quality of life, quaint charm, picturesque trails, and bustling arts scene

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of Calgary? Are you looking to get away from it all?

Then look no further. A study from Moving Waldo, a company that helps people move, ranked the top 10 places in Canada with the best quality of life.

The study looked at things like safety, the cost of housing, parks, health, the environment, schools, jobs, and more. It turns out small-town living beats the city when it comes to quality of life.

All but one location were small towns in Eastern Canada. But one town from Western Canada made it to the list: our High River. 

an aerial photo of high river showing the town nestled between trees and a river passing through
An aerial photo of High River, located south of Calgary | High River Online

If you’ve never heard of High River, you’re missing out. Located about 70 kilometres south of Calgary, High River is home to under 14,000 people, making it a friendly, quaint town.

Moving Waldo ranked High River 8th, which might not seem like something to write home about. But, compared to the competition, the town was ranked the best for quietness and outdoor activities. 

This includes biking, hiking, fishing, and more. The town also has several trails and parks to explore.

But if nature isn’t your thing, High River is one of the province’s most affordable places to live. Buying a house there costs just under $371,000.

Similarly, renting a two-bedroom unit will cost just over $1,000 monthly. As for crime, High River recorded an average of 753 violent crimes per 100,000 people in 2022.

That’s more than 20 percent below the national average. Moving Waldo’s 2023 study shows that the town’s crime rate is almost 40 percent lower than the provincial average. 

a photo of danielle smiths red rail car restaurant in high river
Premier Danielle Smith’s rail car restaurant in High River |

High River also hosts events all year, like old-fashioned holiday parties. It’s also a place for artists, with many craft shows, art galleries, and studios.

It’s a family-oriented place. Perhaps that’s why it is the model for the fictitious town of Hudson in the beloved TV show Heartland, which is just about to premier its 17th season on CBC.

Finding employment in High River shouldn’t be too hard if you’ve worked in restaurants or cafes. According to the Moving Waldo study, supervisors in the food industry are in high demand.

Or, you could buy Premier Danielle Smith’s rail car restaurant and own your own business for just $365,000.

Edmundston in New Brunswick sits at the top of Moving Waldo’s top ten list. The town is great for medical professionals and engineers.

At the bottom of the list was Wellington County in Ontario.

Being ranked in the top ten of the list should make any communities proud, but we already knew Alberta was a great place to live… list or no list!

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