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High River’s Hitchin Post Drive-In: Where Every Bite Is Worth A ‘Post’!”

Hitchin Post Drive-In has been a beloved part of High River since 1969, offering classic, made-to-order food that has become part of the town’s identity and perhaps a selfie on your next social media post

A delicious gem nestled in High River, the Hitchin Post Drive-In has been satisfying taste buds since 1969.

At first glance, the old-looking drive-in might seem like a relic of yesteryears. 

Carmen Lamoureux outside of the Hitchin Post | High River Online

But it’s much more than a piece of High River history. 

The Hitchin Post offers a menu of classic, made-to-order food that has become an important part of the town’s character. 

Carmen Lamoureux, the owner, takes pride in upholding the legacy of her parents, Robert and Maria Jones. 

A plaque on the bench outside serves as a heartfelt tribute to Robert and Maria’s dedication. 

The business relocated to its current spot in the late 70’s, becoming a cornerstone of the community. 

Hitchin Post might appear like any other roadside stop for those new to the area. 

But for locals, it’s arguably one of the most loved businesses in High River or anywhere in Southern Alberta. 

What sets it apart?

It’s not just the mouthwatering double cheeseburgers that keep customers returning.

Hitchin Post feast | Facebook
Hitchin Post feast | Facebook

Oh! Those Milkshakes!

The Hitchin Post offers an entire experience—a nostalgic trip down memory lane, paired with the smell of sizzling burgers and the refreshing taste of an old-fashioned milkshake. 

The Hitchin Post takes milkshakes to the next level.

The drive-in boasts a jaw-dropping selection of over 30 flavours, each crafted with real ingredients. 

From classic vanilla to adventurous choices like peanut butter, Skor, Oreo, Pink Lemonade, Pina Colada, and the local favourite, Kokomint. 

Last year, the Hitchin Post created a special Mrs. Claus shake for the Santa Claus Parade. The bright pink milkshake included grenadine, ice cream, 7-Up, and festive-coloured sprinkles.

The Hitchin Post’s milkshakes are proof of the drive-in’s commitment to genuine, old-fashioned flavours. 

But it’s more than just milkshakes bringing all the boys and girls to the drive-in.

Nothing Pre-Cooked Here

At the Hitchin Post, nothing is pre-cooked; everything is made fresh to order. 

Though it may mean a bit of a wait, the smell of freshly grilled burgers fills the air, making it worth it. 

“I still mix the hamburger every morning. I get it fresh from Foothills Meats and pound it out by hand,” Lamoureux told High River Online.

There is something for everyone, from signature double cheeseburgers to hot dogs, chicken fingers, fish and chips, shrimp, poutine, onion rings, and deep-fried mushrooms. 

Portions are generous, with customer reviews highlighting the large size of their single-patty burgers and shareable sides.

Big Size, Small Price 

Better yet, enjoying a meal at Hitchin Post won’t break the bank, a rare find in today’s economy!

With burgers starting at just $6, onion rings at $5.50, and the promise of a satisfying meal for less than $20, it’s no wonder people travel from all corners of southern Alberta.

While Hitchin Post Drive-In may be small, tucked away in a parking lot with just a few benches, its reputation is larger than life. 

The memorable “Hitchin Post” sign or the bright red roof may catch your eye, but the flavours and nostalgia waiting inside will keep you coming back.

Hitchin Post offers warm service, great food, and fair prices. What more could you ask for? 

Next time you’re in the area, detour to Hitchin Post and taste High River’s history.

Hitchin Post menu | High River Online
Hitchin Post menu | High River Online

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