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a render of what aaltos interior will look like featuring a clean white aesthetic with highlights of light wood and modern furniture
Tourism Jasper

Get Ready For An Elevated Dining Experience

Aalto, the Nordic-inspired restaurant that features regional Canadian dishes, is set to open next week in Jasper

Aalto, a restaurant inspired by Nordic cuisine and featuring regional Canadian dishes, has shared the first pictures of its highly anticipated new location.

The restaurant is set to open next week on June 24 in the picturesque mountain town of Jasper, situated alongside a pristine mountain lake within the Pyramid Lake Lodge.

Pyramid Lake Lodge is part of Pursuit Banff Jasper Collections. As the name suggests, Pursuit is a collection of attraction and hospitality experiences. 

According to Pursuit, the lodge is being remodelled to include 12 new rooms replacing six previous cabins, all with a king bed, private balcony, and a fire pit.

“…the lodge is the perfect setting for both global visitors and local guests to indulge in an elevated, yet welcoming, dining experience,” said Stuart Back, the chief operating officer for Banff Jasper Collection, in a press release.

The restaurant’s interior design aims to capture the essence of a traditional lodge while incorporating contemporary elements. It features large windows that take full advantage of the breathtaking surroundings. 

the land and sea charcuterie board from aalto showing off various meats cheeses and veggies
The land-and-sea charcuterie board teased by Aalto containing locally sourced food | Peter Shokeir | Jasper Fitzhugh

Back further explained that the restaurant’s new menu and ambiance are designed to offer guests an exceptional experience, highlighting the best of Canadian hospitality and cuisine.

Specifically, Aalto’s offering will combine the finest Canadian ingredients that reflect the changing seasons with traditional Nordic techniques. This includes smoking, salting, and fermenting. 

Although the specific menu items have not been revealed yet, the restaurant will offer a grazing menu that focuses on serving lake food, a “homegrown interpretation of seafood that spotlights Jasper’s finest regional flavours.” 

In May, Aalto gave a tease of the restaurant’s upcoming menu, which featured starters like rye brioche, a land-and-sea charcuterie board, seasonal lamb tartare, and Kennebec dumplings. 

As for main courses, Aalto served certified Angus beef culotte and Gindara Sablefish from British Columbia. The mouth-watering dish was complemented by fermented barley and seasoned vegetables. 

The pièce de résistance for dessert lovers was a dark chocolate kladdkaka with semlor buns. Are you hungry? Because I know, I sure am. 

At Aalto, visitors can expect to feel a connection to the great outdoors, where the essence of the alpine region meets the shoreline.

If you find yourself in Jasper or are simply looking for a reason to visit this incredible town, make a reservation at Aalto, which opens on June 24.  

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