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Jon Montgomery

Five Alberta Competitors Set to Shine In Season 10 Of The Amazing Race Canada

Despite no Alberta locations in Season 10, the province is well-represented by five enthusiastic competitors
Brad May and his daughter Sam
Brad May and his daughter Sam | @amazingracecda | Instagram

For the 10th season of The Amazing Race Canada, the hit reality TV series started where it all began in Niagara Falls, Ontario. 

After last season, the bar is set high for season 10. 

For its 9th season, the show was Canada’s most-watched summer series among adults ages 25 to 54 and was the number one program in the 2022-2023 broadcast year, averaging almost 2 million viewers

But people don’t watch The Amazing Race for host Jon Montgomery; they watch it for the show’s colourful cast of contestants. 

The upcoming season features a stacked lineup of competitors, including former Vancouver Canucks forward Brad May (52) from Toronto, Ontario. 

The NHL superstar played for the Canucks for five seasons before retiring in 2010. Brad will compete alongside his daughter Sam (24), who inherited his competitive spirit. 

Michael Crouse (left) and Tyson Gillies  @amazingracecda  Instagram
Michael Crouse (left) and Tyson Gillies | @amazingracecda | Instagram

Brad isn’t the only competitor with a sports background. Vancouver, British Columbia’s Michael Crouse (33) and Tyson Gillies (35) call themselves the Baseball Boys for their professional baseball experience.

“Well, I can’t hear, and he has no hair, so we are both flawed…we need to put all indifferences aside and become one to survive amongst the challenges within ourselves,” Gillies wrote to Post Media when asked what makes a good partnership. 

Michael and Tyson are baseball development coaches and founded Travail Baseball Development Inc. together. 

The Amazing Race wouldn’t be any fun if it were just about athleticism. The season’s 22 competitors come from diverse backgrounds, from content creators to teachers. 

Of the 22 contestants competing in season 10, five are from Alberta, four of which are from Calgary. In our totally unbiased opinion, these contestants are the coolest.

Alberta Represent!

Kevin Martin and Gurleen Maan
Kevin Martin and Gurleen Maan | @amazingracecda | Instagram

Kevin Martin and Gurleen Maan aren’t new to reality television. The couple met on The Traitors Canada in 2023 and have been secretly dating ever since.

After being chosen for season 10 of The Amazing Race Canada, the couple made their relationship public. Kevin is a professional poker player and reality television celebrity. 

He has twice appeared in Big Brother Canada and won season 5 of the reality series. Gurleen lives a humbler life tending to her family’s Abbotsford farm. 

While she spends most of her time on the farm, she’s no stranger to cameras, appearing on Farming for Love before meeting Kevin.  

Another power couple competing in season 10 is Calgary’s Dorothy (29) and Olus Adeneye (32). Dorothy and Olus are content creators and advertising professionals. 

The pair have known each other since they were kids but didn’t fall in love until they reconnected many years later. 

Dorothy and Olus Adeneye  @amazingracecda  Instagram
Dorothy and Olus Adeneye | @amazingracecda | Instagram

When Dorothy and Olus aren’t working, they create content for The OT Love Train, the couple’s social media account that focuses on their lifestyle, relationship, and personality. 

The power couple hopes to use their position to inspire other Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) entrepreneurs to follow their dreams. 

Dorothy and Olus can finish each other’s sentences, but can they finish in first place? 

The final Alberta competitors are Calgary’s Taylor McPherson (24) and Edmonton’s Katie Mulkay (24).

Taylor and Katie met as best friends on the University of Alberta’s wrestling team. 

The dynamic duo wants to prove that women can be strong and beautiful, even in a male-dominated sport like wrestling.

Taylor is a member of the Miawpukek First Nation in Newfoundland but lives in Alberta, where she works as an Indigenous Sports Program Coordinator. 

Taylor McPherson (left) and Katie Mulkay  @amazingracecda  Instagram
Taylor McPherson (left) and Katie Mulkay | @amazingracecda | Instagram

She uses her position to promote education, health, cultural preservation, and self-empowerment in Indigenous communities through sport. 

After losing her friend in a tragic car crash, Katie strives to live life to the fullest, knowing that tomorrow is not a given. She teaches physical education and encourages her students to live active lifestyles.

Season 10 of The Amazing Race Canada will take place in locations across British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Quebec. 

Season 10 will be the first season Alberta has not been included as a stop, but our province’s many competitors make up for it.

Do our racers have what it takes to take home the grand prize of $250,000 in cash, a trip for two around the world, and two 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV RS?

Stay tuned for episode 1 of Season 10 on July 2 on CTV.

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