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Photo of Bernie and the Boys Mammoth Burger

Feast Like A Caveman: Bernie’s Mammoth Burger Is A Drumheller Must-Try

Bernie and the Boys Bistro combines small-town charm with dinosaur-sized portions, featuring the famous Mammoth Burger and a massive selection of handcrafted milkshakes.
Bernie Germain (left) with Canadian comedian and actor John Catucci  Bernie and the Boys
Bernie Germain (left) with Canadian comedian and actor John Catucci | Bernie and the Boys

If you’re in Drumheller, the dinosaur capital of the world, why not make like a caveman and feast on Bernie and the Boys Bistro’s prehistoric “Mammoth Burger?”

The burger doesn’t contain mammoth meat, but its size and taste make you feel like you just discovered fire. 

Bernie’s is one of the top-rated restaurants in Drumheller, known for having the largest collection of dinosaur fossils in Canada. 

The town’s passion for dinosaurs doesn’t stop at fossils. Both dinosaur enthusiasts and tourists can’t get enough of Bernie’s, which received a certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor in 2019.

Bernie’s was also featured on the TV showYou Gotta Eat Here!” hosted by John Catucci, a famous Canadian comedian and actor. 

Bernie’s menu features almost as many options as there were dinosaurs. The bistro’s highlights include its 100 percent natural Alberta beef burgers and a selection of over 80 handcrafted milkshakes.

Bernie and the Boys’ long list of milkshake flavours | Bernie and the Boys

Some of the restaurant’s more wacky milkshake flavours include pumpkin pie, gingerbread, lavender, lychee, and Lucky Charms. 

Bernie’s masterpiece is the Mammoth Burger, a three-pound burger made with a 24-ounce patty, an eight-inch homemade bun, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, and pickles.

The massive burger costs $38.50 and is the second most expensive item on the menu. 

The bistro’s MEGASAURUS eight-pound, 16-inch pizza is the most expensive, at $52.50. However, a Trip Advisor reviewer says the price is well worth it. 

“If you have four starving people, this is the best way to pool $10 each and be full for 24 hrs. Topping heavy, dense, filling and delicious. If you leave town without trying it…that means you need to come back,” wrote the reviewer. 

Don’t worry—size isn’t everything at Bernie’s. The bistro offers a wide selection of cheaper options, like the Toonie Burger, which only costs $4.50 (blame inflation for misnomer.)

In addition to burgers, Bernie’s offers sandwiches, chicken wings, wraps, subs, salads, poutine, and more. 

Patrons can also take the restaurant’s flavours home with Bernie’s all-purpose seasoning blend, which Bernie himself spent years developing. 

Bernie’s Story

Bernie isn’t a random name; it’s the name of the bistro’s founder Bernie Germain. Bernie and his wife Carol were living in Edmonton when they decided to buy the restaurant. 

Bernie used to be a teacher but decided his passion was behind the grill. 

A patron looking at the Mammoth Burger in disbelief | Trip Advisor

While his wife continued working in Edmonton, he brought two students with him to Drumheller to open the restaurant.

“When people would ask my wife what her plans were for the weekend, she would always say, ‘I’m going to see Bernie and the boys,’” Bernie told Town and Country Today

That’s how Bernie and the Boys got its name! Over two decades later, the bistro became a Drumheller icon. 

It isn’t just Bernie’s incredible food that attracts patrons and keeps people returning. The restaurant’s atmosphere is packed with small-town charm. 

Bernie’s features table tops designed by local artists and candy machines owned by Bernie’s son, Andrew. 

Andrew was around 12 years old when he decided to work at Bernie’s to earn enough money to buy the machines himself. 

After buying the machines, Andrew earned a small fortune from his candy empire. Andrew must get his knack for business from his dad!

Bernie’s has good food, friendly staff, and fair prices. What more could you ask for? 

The small family-owned restaurant is a product of Drumheller’s passionate and welcoming community that loves people as much as it loves dinosaurs. 

Unless a meteor is involved, we don’t see Bernie’s disappearing anytime soon, unlike the dinosaurs.

If you ever find yourself in Drumheller, Bernie’s is worth the stop. Just make sure you come with an appetite—you will need one!

A table top at Bernie and the Boys designed by a local artist
A table top at Bernie and the Boys designed by a local artist | The Constant Rambler

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