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Eileen Murray, the Artist Who Finds Beauty in Life’s Messy Moments

See Eileen Murray's art at Crowsnest Art Gallery. She celebrates the everyday chaos that makes a house a home.
Eileen Murray, an artist from Vulcan | Eileen Murray | Instagram

Have you ever wondered how different real homes are from the perfect images shown in movies and television? 

Eileen Murray explores this question through her artwork. 

Her artistic journey began when she was young. Since then, it has grown into something incredible.

Murray grew up in southeastern Alberta in Blairmore. She has a deep connection to the Crowsnest Pass, talking about her family’s history there. 

“My dad got on with the coal mines in 1971, and I stayed in the Pass until 1994. My sisters are still here, one in Coleman and the other in Hillcrest,” Murray told the Crowsnest Pass Herald.

After leaving Blairmore, Murray spent 25 years farming and raising her family near Cassils. 

Now, she lives in Vulcan, between Calgary and Lethbridge, where her grandchildren attend school.

Full-Time Artist

Murray’s career as a full-time artist began at the University of Lethbridge in 2003. 

“I thought I would be a sculptor, but one of my early classes at the university was in painting, and I loved it!” Murray recalled.

Eileen Murray’s painting titled August Heat, Late Bloomers | Elevation Gallery

She graduated with a degree in painting and photography in 2005 and later got her master’s in the same field in 2012.

Now, Murray mainly paints, but also works with ceramics. 

Her art explores the concept of home, including themes like history, memory, and tradition. 

“My paintings and ceramics flirt with the line between fine art and decoration, using both trending and vintage colours, patterns, and objects,” explained Murray.  

Murray’s paintings blend real-life and abstract ideas, contrasting beauty with ugliness. 

For example, her most recent paintings feature beautiful vases filled with wilted flowers. 

She gets inspiration from famous painters like Henri Matisse and Pierre Bonnard and through her experiences while travelling or watching films.

Murray will host an exhibition at the Crowsnest Art Gallery until December 19.

There will be a special event at the gallery on November 25, where people can meet Murray, ask questions, and learn more about her art. 

If you’d like to get your hands on some of Murray’s works, her paintings will be for sale. 

When asked what she wants people to get from her art, Murray said it’s hard to know how people will interpret her work. 

She hopes, at the very least, that people find her paintings interesting and worth spending time with.

Murray’s passion for painting shines through her artwork. 

Her pieces can be found nationwide in places like The Prow in Halifax and Elevation Gallery in Calgary. 

Fresh bed sheets and scented candles don’t make a house a home. Children playing, wine stains, and a messy living room do. 

Murray captures these realities perfectly through her artwork.

Coulee | Elevation Gallery

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