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Bighorn sheep in mountain meadow
Darwin Wiggett | oopoomoo

Chilling Discovery: Beheaded Bighorn Sheep Found in Jasper National Park

The bighorn sheeps’ death raises alarms about illegal trophy hunting within the protected boundaries of national parks

Halloween might have us retelling haunting historical tales of the Headless Horseman around the campfire.

But in Jasper National Park, a chilling discovery of two headless bighorn sheep is sparking concern about illegal poaching activities.

Local news outlets, including Town and Country Today and the Edmonton Journal, reported the incident, which has left park officials and the public deeply disturbed.

The decapitated sheep were discovered near the popular tourist spot of Athabasca Falls.

The gruesome nature of the scene led park wardens to believe that the animals were victims of poaching rather than a natural predator attack.

The heads of the sheep were nowhere to be found, further deepening the mystery.

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Authorities are now investigating the beheadings as a potential case of poaching.

Bighorn sheep, known for their impressive, curved horns, are sometimes targeted by illegal hunters for trophies.

However, hunting within national parks is strictly prohibited. It is a serious crime, and the act of beheading these animals is particularly heinous.

Park wardens have made an urgent appeal to the public, seeking any witnesses or individuals who might have captured video footage in the vicinity of Athabasca Falls around the time of the incident.

According to Parks Canada officials, the offence likely occurred between 4 PM October 16 and 10 AM October 17.

They hope that someone might have inadvertently captured video or photo evidence that could lead to the identification and apprehension of the culprits.

The incident has raised concerns about wildlife safety and cast a shadow over the serene beauty of Jasper National Park, a Canadian icon and UNESCO World Heritage site.

The local community and visitors have expressed shock and sadness over the incident. 

Many hope the perpetrators will be swiftly brought to justice, sending a clear message that such acts will not be tolerated in Canada’s cherished National Parks.

The investigation is ongoing, and Park Canada officials remain vigilant, urging visitors to report suspicious activities immediately.

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