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Chief Littlefoot Shows Off His Big Spirit In The Wrestling Ring

Chief Littlefoot may be small, but his presence in the ring is anything but!

Meet Eric Bearspaw, a four-foot-six-inch wrestler who goes by Chief Littlefoot in the ring. Despite his small stature, he’s creating a huge impact in professional wrestling. 

Earlier this week, Bearspaw debuted on the Discovery channel’s Big Little Brawlers, which follows the lives of wrestlers under five feet tall in the Micro Wrestling Federation.

Micro Wrestling Federation is a US-based professional wrestling company that hosts over 550 shows a year.

Bearspaw, an Îyârhe (Stoney) Nakoda man from Eden Valley, sees himself as a representative of Indigenous peoples.

When he puts on war paint and a headdress and steps into the wrestling ring, Bearspaw is being true to himself, expressing pride in his heritage.

“I was born like this…I don’t pretend to be anyone else other than who I am,” Bearspaw said.

From Powwowing to Wowing in Wrestling

Bearspaw’s journey into wrestling began about three years ago through his passion for powwow dancing. 

While travelling around the United States, attending powwows and selling crafts like earrings at shows, he gained attention from a scouting agent who introduced him to the world of the Micro Wrestling Federation.

“This guy saw my videos and reached out to me and started asking me about myself and whether I had heard of the Micro Wrestling Federation,” said Bearspaw. 

Eric Bearspaw | Eric Bearspaw | Facebook
Eric Bearspaw | Eric Bearspaw | Facebook

Growing up, Bearspaw dreamt of becoming a wrestler, inspired by watching WWE and WWF. 

But the cost of training at the famous Hart Foundation in Calgary seemed like a pipe dream. 

“When this guy reached out to me years later, it kind of felt like getting another shot at that. It sounded neat, and I liked what they were doing. So, that’s kind of how I got here,” said Bearspaw.

When the opportunity with the Micro Wrestling Federation came along, it felt like a second chance for him to chase his childhood dream.

Now Streaming Reality

The Micro Wrestling Federation, based in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, is a family-friendly organization that offers a WWE-type experience. 

Bearspaw and his fellow wrestlers debuted on the Discovery Channel’s reality show, including wrestlers Lil’ Show, Ivar, Pinky, and Syko.

The reality show not only highlights the physical demands of wrestling but also offers a glimpse into the personal stories of the wrestlers, shining a light on the athletes’ larger-than-life personalities. 

It’s Tough Work

Bearspaw acknowledges the physical challenges of pro wrestling, comparing it to any other sport. 

He is recovering from an ankle injury sustained in his latest match and is eager to return soon.

One of Bearspaw’s fellow wrestlers, Ivar, shares his struggle with brittle bone disease on the reality show.

Brittle bone disease is when bones break easily, often with no apparent cause or light injuries. Ivar has broken over 100 bones in his life so far. 

Ivar the Micro, respected as the voice of the Micro Wrestling Foundation | Micro Wrestling Foundation | Facebook
Ivar the Micro, respected as the voice of the Micro Wrestling Foundation | Micro Wrestling Foundation | Facebook

But the debilitating disease hasn’t stopped Ivar from bringing his childhood goal of becoming a wrestler to life.

Beyond Wrestling

Looking back at 2023, Chief Littlefoot emerged as the breakout star of the Micro Wrestling Federation

He participated in 167 singles matches and earned over 134 million views from wrestling, powwow dancing and showcasing his guitar skills. 

When he isn’t unleashing his signature move, Blackstone Slam, on the mat, Bearspaw enjoys playing in metal bands, another big passion of his.

But right now, Bearspaw and his team have their sights set on MicroFest, the biggest micro wrestling event of the year. 

If you’d like to get to know the Micro Wrestling Team a bit more before MicroFest, Big Little Brawlers airs Tuesdays at 11 PM on Discovery.

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