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TheRockies.Life Staff

Chewbacca Takes On Five Coyotes

Chewie’s owner urges Calgarians to follow the City’s recommendation and watch their pets

Yorkshire Terriers are some of the sweetest dogs, but they can be pretty badass, too. 

Lucas Ramage with his adorable Yorkie, Chewbacca | Lucas Ramage | CBC News

Lucas Ramage’s 12-year-old Yorkie named Chewbacca is proof of that. 

It was around 10 PM on a Tuesday when Ramage let Chewbacca, nicknamed Chewie, out into the front yard.

The front yard of Ramage’s home in Briar Hills, Calgary, is unfenced. 

When Ramage heard a strange noise from outside, he investigated and found the 13-pound Chewie surrounded by five coyotes. 

Lucas rushed to Chewie and managed to scare the coyotes away.

Highly distressed and injured, Chewie was in bad shape. Ramage rushed the dog to the nearest emergency vet clinic.

Chewie was treated for serious wounds all over his body and spent five nights in the hospital, and is now recovering at home.

But Ramage fears Chewie will never be the same following the attack. 

He claims he won’t be letting Chewie roam the front yard alone again. 

A coyote attack on a human in Calgary in 2021 | ABM College

Following the attack, Ramage blames himself for not listening to advice from the City, warning pet owners to keep a close eye on their pets. 

“I’ve heard of incidents with other animals, and yet I didn’t heed the advice to always keep your eyes on your pet and always keep them on a leash or under a sort of fenced environment where you just know that they’ll be safe,” Ramage told CBC News.

Ramage now warns his fellow Calgarians to learn and listen to the City’s guidelines. This includes always keeping your dog on a leash, especially if coyotes are in the area. All owners should also clean up after their dogs because dog poop sometimes attracts coyotes. 

And as badass as Chewie was against the five coyotes, Lucas Ramage won’t be letting Chewie out without supervision ever again. 

If you have a dog, neither should you. 

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