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Calgary’s Young Hero: 14-Year-Old Sets World Weightlifting Record

Arash Mobarrezi made history by bench pressing a record-breaking 226 lbs, leaving supporters thrilled and inspired

Albertans are used to heavy lifting.

When we get pushed, we push back, no matter how heavy the barrier.

Whether fires, floods, or tornadoes force us from our homes, we rebuild and come back stronger than ever. 

And now, a Calgary teenager continues to inspire by setting a weightlifting world record for his age and weight class.

He accomplished the goal last month and he’s been on cloud nine ever since. 

“It was amazing. You feel like you’re on top of the world,” 14-year-old Arash Mobarrezi told Global News.

While his supporters looked on and cheered, Mobarrezi bench pressed a whopping 226 lbs at the MNP Community and Sport Centre in Calgary.



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Dedication and Hard Work    

The grade 8 student’s fantastic achievement shows what dedication can do.

Mobarezzi pushed himself hard, training daily at the gym to reach his world record-setting goal.

He’s the son of immigrant parents who came to Canada looking for a new life.

“My parents are actually a really big inspiration,” Mobarrezi said. “My dad is from Iran, and my mom is from Afghanistan.”

His father, David, often helps him with the weights and spots him when he’s going for big lifts.

Young Arash has big dreams and a big heart. 

He’s raising money for kids facing autism, physical challenges and other barriers that make it hard for them to get to the gym or be active.

He’s also hoping to harness his youthful success in the gym and turn it into a career.

“I want to create a fitness brand, selling clothing and providing my own fitness programs,” Mobarrezi said. “I really enjoy seeing other people grow and find their passion.”

David Rodriguez, marketing and sales analyst for MNP, called  Mobarezzi’s record-breaking lift “very impressive.”

“Gives you that extra motivation as well, to push yourself and try and reach your goals,” Rodriguez said

Mobarrezi is far from sitting on his laurels.

“It’s really only the first step,” Mobarrezi said. ”The next step is to spread the word that anybody can do it.”

You can follow Arash Mobarrezi on Tiktok or Instagram @arash.mobarrezi to keep inspired.

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