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Train robbers on the Alberta Prairie Railway

Bandits, Bullets, And Buffets Of Beef All On Alberta’s Historic Prairie Trains

Enjoy a ride on a 1920s train, witness a wild shootout, and savour a hearty meal on the Alberta Prairie Railway

Have you ever longed to be robbed at gunpoint?

Or watch a blazing shootout under the western sky?

And then feast like a bandit on the run?

If this sounds like you, the Alberta Prairie Railway, based in Stettler, has just the ticket.

For over 35 years, the Railway has been offering one-day excursions on vintage 1920s passenger trains powered by steam and diesel locomotives. 

Whether you’re a history buff, train enthusiast, or just looking for interactive fun with your family, there’s something for everyone! 

Trains depart from Stettler to either Big Valley or Warden Junction and back.

The train heist in progress on the Alberta Prairie Railway Excursion
The train heist in progress | Alberta Prairie Railway

Pay to Get Robbed! 

The trips have different themes, including murder mystery nights, adults-only events, old-timey and country music, teddy bear specials and kids’ carnivals, pumpkin fests, a Polar Express, a Canada Day Special, and more.

Pick your theme and get ready for a rip-roaring good time! 

Be aware!

Some trains are “robbed” by bandits who make off with passengers’ loose change and $20 bills.

And the actors playing the robbers make it feel real! The robbery is always a highlight of the trip.

Be sure to have your camera and videos ready!

Where else can you take a selfie with your robbers?

In the first 33 years of operation, the Alberta Prairie Railway has donated more than $100,000 to various children’s charities from the proceeds of the train heists.

Deborah and Richard Popovich perform on selected excursions on the Alberta Prairie Railway
Deborah and Richard Popovich perform on selected excursions | Alberta Prairie Railway

Great Food and So Much to See 

Trips typically take between 3 – 6 hours, and many include a tasty buffet meal at Big Valley or Warden Junction. 

Meals are a true country stick-to-your-ribs buffet feast featuring Alberta roast beef or steak and occasionally chicken, turkey, or lobster for the Newfoundlander special. 

Vegetarians and vegans can special order spaghetti with non-meat sauce for dinner. So come hungry! 

While in Big Valley, there will be time to visit Jimmy Jock Boardwalk and explore a fully restored 1912 Canadian Northern railway station, the famous blue church on the hill – St. Edmund’s, McAlister Motors Community Museum, Big Valley Hand-tool and Collectables Museum, Big Valley Museum on Rails, and the roundhouse and elevator interpretive centres. 

For the kids, a featured attraction for children’s excursions is Finnegan Farms Petting Zoo.

Be sure to book your seat on one of the upcoming tours soon, as they can fill up fast. 

Enjoy the prairie scenery, eat some Alberta beef, and get ready to hand over charity cash for those pesky train robbers.

Full steam ahead!

The special Canada Day excursion on the Alberta Prairie Railway
The special Canada Day excursion | Alberta Prairie Railway

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