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Are You a Christmas Tree Criminal?

That beautiful tree might not be worth it

This Christmas, do you know what the Alberta government is asking for? It is asking for people get a license before cutting down trees for Christmas.

Albertans can cut their own Christmas trees for free, but there’s a catch.

If you are interested in cutting your own tree, you need to apply for permits. There are two kinds of permits: Personal Use Forest Products Permits (PUFPP) and Local Timber Permits (LTP).

PUFPPs are for small-scale personal use only. This includes Christmas trees, firewood, or transplant of trees.

PUFPP holders can cut and remove timber from designated Crown land only. And there’s no cost for a PUFPP.

LTPs are pretty much the same as PUFPPs, but they are meant for purposes that require large amounts of timber. This includes log buildings, fences, and home heating.

Unlike PUFPPs, LTPs cost $21. To get your hands on a PUFPP, you can either apply online or in person at a forest area office. On the other hand, you will need to visit your local forest area office to get an LTP.

Without either of these permits, you are not allowed to cut trees outside of forest areas, in national parks, and in provincial parks that are not designated for logging.

If you are looking to cut your own Christmas tree this year, make sure you get a permit. If you don’t, you could face thousands of dollars in fines and legal trouble.

Not convinced? In 2020, several trees were hacked up in a west Edmonton neighbourhood.

The tree slasher was never caught, but if they were, they could be hammered with jail time or a hefty $10,000 fine.

So, this year for Christmas, get a permit.

A PUFPP is free. If you cut down your own tree without a permit, you could end up with more than just coal in your stocking.

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