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Airdrie Man Goes The Distance For A Doughnut

Zacary Jeaurond is running to keep the Walnut Crunch doughnut on the Tim Hortons menu

Some of us remember Tim Hortons’ Crispy Spicy Chicken Sandwich, while others mourn the loss of the Dutchie. But one Tim Hortons menu item has come back from the dead—the Walnut Crunch. 

It’s available for a limited time, but one Airdrie man loves the doughnut so much that he’s running like crazy to convince Tim Hortons to keep it on the menu permanently. 

Zacary Jeaurond, with his daughter Lili by his side, has been running and biking while begging Tim Hortons to bring back the Walnut Crunch doughnut for good.

This doughnut disappeared from Tim Hortons ten years ago, but it made a special return on May 31. While the Walnut Crunch is iconic, it won’t be around long.

Zachary is a long-distance runner, and he’s even dedicating his training for a 100-mile race to support the Walnut Crunch. He’s been sharing his journey on social media to “raise awareness and advocate for the Walnut Crunch.”

“You guys tell me how far to run, and I’ll do it. I’ll run 50, 100 kilometres in a day if it means we can work something out to keep the Walnut Crunch,” Jeaurond pleaded to Tim Hortons in an interview with CBC News.

He’s open to suggestions, like starting a petition, raising money, or running a certain distance or race. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to save the Walnut Crunch.

As part of his quest, Zacary recently visited all the Tim Hortons in Airdrie, near Calgary. He wanted to spread his message and grab a Walnut Crunch doughnut at each location.

He ate five of them, but his love for the doughnut persisted.

zacary jeaurond with her daughter lili who eating a walnut crunch doughnut
Zacary Jeaurond with his daughter Lili, who is pictured eating a Walnut Crunch | Dan McGarvey | CBC News

Zacary talked to the managers at each Tim Hortons, trying to convince them to keep the doughnut. In response, they all agreed that the Walnut Crunch is their fastest-selling doughnut.

“They’re all saying it’s their fastest doughnut to sell. They’re selling like hot cakes, and everybody’s been telling them to keep it,” said Jeaurond. 

So, why is Zacary so crazy about the Walnut Crunch? First of all, it’s a chocolate-based doughnut, and chocolate is his absolute favourite.

It’s also shaped like a Long John doughnut, which he loves. The walnuts give the doughnut a nice crunch and a bit of protein, according to Jeaurond.

But it’s not just about the delicious taste. Zachary has special memories connected to the Walnut Crunch. He used to have it every weekend when he went to hockey tournaments with his family.

So when he heard it was coming back, he was super excited to relive those moments.

Zachary hopes the Walnut Crunch will be around for more special moments, like when his daughter graduates or catches her first fish.

But even if Tim Hortons only brings it back for a limited time each year, like their “Roll up the Rim” contest, Zacary would be happy. 

“Maybe it’s every year they bring it back for two weeks kind of idea and have it like Roll up the Rim…”But ‘bite into the crunch’ or something like that,” said Jeaurond.

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