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A Silver Lining for Calgary’s Dynamic Ski Jumping Duo!

Alex Loutitt and Abigail Strate made history at the World Cup by earning Canada’s first medal in super team ski jumping

Good things often come in pairs; Calgary’’s Alex Loutitt and Abigail Strate are no exception. 

The dynamic Canadian duo made quick work of the competition at the World Cup over the weekend in Yamagata, Japan.

The event hosted talented athletes from around the world, including Loutitt and Strate.

Being far from home didn’t stop the Calgarians from showing off their Albertan pride during Saturday’s Super Team ski-jumping event

In the ski-jumping event, two athletes represent their country. In this case, hometown heroes Loutitt and Strate represented Canada. 

Loutitt and Strate celebrating their historic achievement at the World Cup | Ski Jumping Canada | X
Loutitt and Strate celebrating their historic achievement at the World Cup | Ski Jumping Canada | X

Coming From Behind

Abigail Strate  Canadian Olympic Committee
Abigail Strate | Canadian Olympic Committee 

Thirteen teams competed in the ski jumping event, but only eight teams proceeded to the second round.

The first round was an uphill battle for Loutitt and Strate. After Strate’s first attempt, the pair were in fourth place.

Loutitt’s jump moved the duo up to third. 

In the second round, Canada fluctuated between first and second place. 

Canada couldn’t quite beat Slovenia, who took the first spot with 722.2 points. 

Loutitt and Strate earned silver in the event with 709.7 points, proudly representing Canada and Alberta. 

Canada may not have placed first, but Loutitt and Strate still brought home the country’s first-ever Super Team ski jumping event medal. 

“It was totally a success. It is very special to be the first Canadians on the Super Team podium. That is super exciting,” expressed Loutitt

No Strangers To Medals

Alex Loutitt | Canadian Olympic Committee

Leading up to the World Cup, Loutitt had four individual medals, including two silver and two bronze medals. 

Strate’s almost as impressive hardware collection includes a silver medal and two bronze medals. 

The pair’s latest silver medal marks their eighth in 11 World Cup events this season. 

Loutitt was overjoyed to experience the event alongside Strate.

“It’s something special to be doing this together rather than individually. Nothing feels better than having someone to share your joy with,” said Loutitt.

Strate was equally excited, stating, “A run like this is euphoric. I’m just trying to soak it all in and enjoy every second. My face hurts from smiling all of the time.” 

According to Loutitt, her stellar performance didn’t just come from her Albertan pride; her Nihtat Gwich’in roots gave her the grit she needed to persevere. 

Support for Canadian Ski Jumpers

Loutitt and Strate’s journey to the World Cup was not easy, making their silver medal win much more meaningful.

Several ski jumping facilities in Calgary have closed in the last few years, forcing Ski Jumping Canada to move its national program to Planica, Slovenia, two years ago.

Living out of their suitcase and with access to very little equipment, Canada’s women’s ski jumping national team, including Loutitt and Strate, have produced results despite the odds. 

“I do think that it is our secret weapon. That strong support from all of the athletes, coaches and support staff gives us an edge. I know if we stick together, we will continue to be unstoppable,” said Strate

Loutitt and Strate did Alberta proud over the weekend, showcasing our province’s incredible athleticism and pride.

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