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Wayne Gaudet running in Survivorfest

67-Year-Old Crushes Four Canadian Ultra Records in One Day!

Wayne Gaudet's phenomenal performance at Survivorfest, breaking four Canadian records, proves that age is just a number

Wayne Gaudet, a 67-year-old from Exshaw, recently left jaws dropping at Survivorfest in Sherwood Park by shattering not one, not two, but four Canadian Ultra Records in a single day. 

The event, a gruelling 24-hour run around a 400-meter track, saw Gaudet circle the course an astounding 507 times.

Not only is that an amazing physical accomplishment, but a huge mental hurdle as well!

Reflecting on his phenomenal achievement, Gaudet described it as a “magic day.” 

He broke records in the men’s 65-70 category for the fastest times in 100km (10:35:57), 100 miles (17:46:49), total distance (202.892 km), and most km over 12 hours (111km).

“I’m not the fastest guy in this,” Gaudet humbly told The Rocky Mountain Outlook, “but, for an old guy, it was a nice thing to have happened.”

Wayne Gaudet running at Survivorfest in Sherwood Park
Wayne Gaudet running ‘steady as rain’ at Survivorfest in Sherwood Park | Angie Zieman

A Senior Moment!

This isn’t Gaudet’s first foray into ultra-distance running. 

Since 2011, he’s been a force to be reckoned with in endurance races, holding records in two other national 24-hour events. 

However, this year’s Survivorfest marked an exceptional milestone in his career.

He had a near miss at the title at last year’s Survivorfest, where a nap cost him the win; Gaudet approached this year’s race with unwavering determination. 

Despite battling fatigue and struggling to run straight in the final hours, he maintained an impressive pace. 

He ran for twenty-four hours straight, and he did it in pouring rain, wind and hail!

The event’s organizer, Laura Sherrer-Townsend, told Canadian Running;

“Thankfully, Sunday we were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise, and no more rain and cold–a pure example of why athletes need to train in every condition and prepare themselves for whatever their race day will bring,” she added.

Beyond Records

Survivorfest isn’t just about setting records; it’s also a platform for a noble cause. 

The event supports the Saffron Centre, a nonprofit organization in Alberta that aids survivors of sexual violence. 

Gaudet has been showing his support since 2021, but he’d thought this year would be his last.

However, after the records he broke in this race, he may not be hanging up his running shoes just yet.

“After such success, I thought, ‘Geez, I’ve got to set some goals,’ so retirement’s on hold for now,” he said.

While we wait for Gaudet’s record-breaking results to be officially ratified, we’re glad to know this likely won’t be the last time Gaudet shows that age is only a state of mind!

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